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NARUTO 647 - I won't let it all go to waste! by EspadaZero

Again, i'm goona make a critique on your faboulous art. Where should i start... this pic is amazing, no more than that is... is...a bea...


OMG, this is reaching the top of epicnees. This pic is one of the best I have ever seen You have a lot of originality. This is a combin...

NGB UnfortuNATEs: Gin's Secret by NateParedes44

OMG, gin with sharingan? This is soooooooooo awesome, you make an incredible combination between my 2 favourite anime. In the future yo...

Assassin's Creed Ezio by VinRoc
by VinRoc

Wow this pic is so cool that knife sparkling in the light of moon and the church in the background is so incredible, and the half cover...


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Hey my name is Phinnyphineas, but call me phin.I started devinat just a year ago and i don't have any interesting art,but i came to this site to became an artist and soon an unexpected bonus appeared: I made friends altough i'm a shy person,not very communicative, i foud people that have unique writhing skills but i also found people very friendly and i hope this site will conyinue with every user it has.
my Gallery:My First Bleach Drawing by Phinnyphineas

And without any further interuptions these are my favorite pics,Stories and OC's. I am a dummy! La la la la 

Pheonix's (Finn or ice prince) Bankai by ziqmanI chose this as my first pic because is my favourite pic from all my faves.Maybe the style is not who knows what but he idea is.I can't describe how awesome, incredible this pic is from my point o view, this pic..just inspire me to do a lot of things lately.
deviant link:
Sword Art Online : KIRITO by harliskudoYou can describe this pic just with this sentence:"Holy Mother Of Coolnness!"

+ Kirito - Sword Art Online + by sven-werrenThis pic discribe the essence of SAO(sword art online).If you have't seen the anme go now and watch it(I MEAN IT!).Kirito (Stressed) [V1] 
Season 1:…
Season 2:…

Code Geass - White  Wing  Zero by Kuro-No-KishidanThis pic maybe dosent have the most amzing colors or style, but look at the facial exppresions.Lelouch looking right into your soul,amzing! And the allusion of the manga Nightmare of Nunnaly is just perfect.
Code Geass anime
Season 1:…
Season 2:…
Nightmare of Nunnally manga:…

CG AE part 15 by XxzeldafanxXThis is the most original fanfiction I've ever read,you need to check the rest of it.

Devil May Cry Chibi 1 by Xpand-Your-MindI picked this for my list just because it's so funny( also the Lucky Star Alusion is so awesome!I loled 5 minutes after seeing this).

Ezio - Assassin's Creed by EternaLegendThis picture exprimes everithing in the assasin's creed. The lips are closed with a misterious smile,saying that only assasins know the true meaning of their fight,and no face,wich shows that  the assasins creed is not a person but a symbol.

Painting is alive by NeskvikDO i really need to describe this? ok, two words: MIND BLOWN!
The Seer - Hero by KicsterAshThe next three pics are made by
And she made a book too: Maybe i'm a little crazy, but i say it anyway: The Best book i read in the last 2 years

Heroes Come..... by KicsterAsh

Magic Exists... by KicsterAsh
link:The Seer Book 1 by KicsterAsh

Progressed Ichigo by MaithagorMan, the colors, the style: master piece.

Getsuga Tenshou- Ichigo Kurosaki by Randazzle100Mother Of DrawingsMother of god Mother of god
Ambassador Troth' by CrazySpacedHow i would decribe this guy?  Goku go eat your Kamehameha,this guy koud kill you in an instant.


VR Special Feeling by NekoEspadaI chose this pic only beacuse it seems so cute this couple,tough i have no idea who the girl isI am a dummy! 

Hip Infestor by HipTurtleAs a fan of starcraft 2 and a fan of "Living with Game Girl and Hipster Girl" i fave this in an instant

Protoss Nexus Interior by Phill-ArtThis is a very interesting conception of what goes inside of a Prottoss Nexus this is way i fave it plus awesome style
Art Trade: Itachi and Tobi by moni158
How i would describe this?Toby is dead meat!Itachis Mangekyo Sharingan 

A kingdom of isolation, and I'm the king by kawacy
This is just how to say it?... Deep,awesome style nice collors and like a total:MATER PIECE ARTWORK!

Happy New Year! by natsuoxxI'm not a big fan of the luuney toons show cus it's not like the original,but this episode was just awesome.And this pic says how awesome the episode was!

Adventure Time Presents: Megalich! by rubendevelaOK this one could't be more EPIC  .Look at it,just awesome,i  can't think at anithing elese but awesomness when i think at this.

ICE KING by KagomesArrow77At first  i tought it was an actual pic from an anime,but is a OC, how cool is that?

Finn by BigBadMusicLoverOk this pic makes me think of a vampire Finn or a past life Finn had,pretty cool right?

Lol, i was like Are you kidding me,i laughed so bad, my parents tought i was crying.Besides this is so cuteNeko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] Junko Enoshima (Kawaii Blush) [V5] 

NGB UnfortuNATEs: Gin's Secret by NateParedes44This is so cool that i can't say how cool is this somehow it
 is fitting Gin,he  is like  Deal With It - Rapunzel (Icon) Deal With Ermac 

Kratos by taylorweavedThis pic shows how badass kratos can be, level of badass Over9000 thousandVegeta (Over 9000) [V2] 

Mugetsu - The Dyed Ginger by mansaralithis one I think is the best Final Getsuga Tenshou(Mugetsu) pic i've ever seen.Just too awesome, cool,badass,beyond any limit!
Ichigo Deicide by Nyster7Ok this one,is just perfect,i cant say anything more than that.Ichigo Hollow Gif 

.:: Ichigo X Naruto ::. by Artipelago
I can't exprime how happy this pic makes me,i've seen a lot of Naruto vs ichigo, Kyuby vs Zangetsu, but this, this is how anime really is or should be. Anime, deviants, youtuber,everyone should be like in this picture:an unstoppable team.

Hope you like my journal

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  • Reading: the mausoleum of Halicarnas by Katherine Roberts
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  • Playing: Starcraft 2
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